International Parking Group

IPG owns the parking rights at 8 major Australian Public Hospitals. IPG is managed by Parking Investments and Development Pty Ltd on behalf of institutional investors.

IPG aims to create and sustain reliable cash flows from its investments in hospital parking. Core to achieving this objective is to be a genuine "partner" to the hospitals, contributing to the efficient operation of the campuses and maintaining good working relationships with the hospitals and relevant health authorities.

IPG has over 10,000 car spaces at major hospital campuses in Sydney and Brisbane. Metro Parking was selected by IPG to operate these nine sites and plays a key role in helping IPG achieve its objectives.

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Institutional Developments

Institutional Developments Pty Ltd (IDL) provide the business development expertise to IPG by working with Metro Parking to develop BOOT investment opportunities. IDL and Metro Parking have worked together for over 18 years delivering the nine IPG BOOT schemes during that time.